Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watchmen Scream Awards Footage

Sweet footage of Watchmen has been shown during the Scream Awards. And people did scream out of joy when it was announced

Here below the Watchmen Scream Awards footage

Watchmen Footage from Scream Awards

I really don't understand why Alan Moore, the original writer of the comic book, does not give his support to Zack Snyder. The more Watchmen footage the more I get enthusiast about the movie, and so do plenty of fans around the world. Alan Moore should step down from his Ivory tower.

Anyway I suppose Alan More is not the first artist to produce a great work but to have a pig personality.

Once again, thumbs up for Zack Snyder whose adaptation of the Watchmen is just marvelous!


Anonymous said...

Alan Moore is a god. Watch your mouth fanboy!

Chris said...

Alan Moore feels like DC comics swindled him out of the rights to Watchmen (per interviews with him). Therefore he understandably (from his point of view at least - D.C. may have another) doesn't want anything to do with the movie.

Dhry said...

Moore doesn't have a pig personality. He simply feels that the comic will never translate to the big screen. I tend to agree. There is absolutely no way that you could intertwine all the comic's parallel concepts, such as the pirate story, in a way that makes sense. You'll probably get a good story in the movie but only ten percent of what you'll get reading the comic. Moore doesn't agree with that. Me neither, but I'll watch the movie regardless *8-)