Monday, August 4, 2008

Watchmen Bootleg Preview Clip

A bootleg preview clip of the Watchmen shown during the latest San Diego Comic Con has leaked online via trailer addict. Not the best bootleg quality but you'll forgive the cameraman because the glimpse of the Watchmen movie we have is awesome, with an inspiring soundtrack:

I still have this music and those colors in my head! Watchmen does stand out! Director Zack Snyder is making a damned great job: Alan Moore, original writer of the comic book, should praise Zack Snyder and give him a hand instead of keeping a disdainful silence.

Thumbs up for the fellow fan who shared with this Watchmen footage from the Comic Con with the community!


Anonymous said...

should alan moore thank d.c. as well for robbing him of the rights and the control of his published work? do you actually think he's excited to watch his work broken down and turned into a lot of mindless drivel for the gape-mouthed american public that actually believed the 'v for vendetta' movie was deep?? please. comic books are not scripts to be turned into movies. all hollywood has ever done with comics is utterly miss the point, destroy all depth, and pop out crap for morons who are too stupid to understand the books in the first place. there has never been and never will be a film adaptation of moore's work that is anything but complete shit.

nicholas j. johnson said...

I just can't see this working out well!

I'm feeling more League than Vendetta