Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watchmen Full Length Trailer

Here below a new full length trailer of Watchmen:

They watch over us,
but who watches them?


The more Watchmen footage I see the more I want! I think this movie is going to be cult!


Ant Garland said...

ok so i agree this movie has epic potential and the novel was amazing..however!
i dont like his idea to scrap the squid ending in favour of some kind of explosion. Snyder also said he wasnt gonna film an alternate ending for cinema release..!!
sad no?
i just think that unless its done properly then they're gonna ruin the ending..

what do u think?


Ant Garland said...

looks good but theres no squid ending!?
wont the bomb ruin the ending in that it might not have the same effect...!


Awe-some said...

I have to agree that this movie does have quite the potential to become a classic and in fact be a dark horse to win the Dark Knight. The problem about the squid ending Ant was that the TV show Heroes had already stolen the ending of Watchmen...Zack Snyder did not want any one watching to think this movie ripped off Heroes when it was the other way around. Though, from Zack Snyder mouth that it's going to be "Bigger" than the squid or a nuclear attack. However, the ending with the diary is still going to be there.